Uutiset 2006


FCI confirmed Retu's international champion title !!!

Thanks to the breeder for this funny and lovely smooth,

also thanks to Kati and Retu's dad Dumle.

Anne, Henna, Kati, Oona & Tarja: without your help in the ring

we couldn't have made it ! THANK YOU !!!



Retu: TgAA negative


18.8.2006 Optigen Dna-test report for CEA

Retu and three of his boys were dna-tested for CEA, because of the

surprising result of the eye examination by vet...

It's not easy to examine blue merle's eyes as the dna-test proved...

Retu is still normal (non-carrier) and so is one of his boys (Sharleis Busy Bard),

two other boys were carriers (S. Bold Bubba & S. Basic Ace),

but most important all of them are CEA-CLEAR !!!


Puppies are born !!!



Retu's and 3 little boy's blood samples (dna-test for cea) were sent to Optigen...

we are anxious to hear the results !

27.-30.7.2006 Brondby 4 x Int, Denmark

Retu won BOB, 2 x BOS, 2nd best male, CC to finish his Dk champion title

and 3 CACIBs !

Thank you Anne and Oona for taking Retu with you, caring him

 during the trip and showing him !!!

Photo © Hilde Loken

8.-9.7.2006 Minsk Int. & national

Retu: 2 x BOB, 2 x CC, CACIB & BIG2 !

→ New Belarus champion !


Retu's and Mette's puppies were eye-examinated and according to the vet

3 of the puppies are CEA-clear and 3 are affected with crd...

this should be impossible because Retu is dna-tested to be non-carrier and therefore all

his offsprings should be cea-clear.

Optigen will re-examine Retu and also 3 of the puppies.

The results will be published as soon as they arrive.


Retu became a father ! BH JK3 Sharleis Mighty Mandy gave birth

to 5 blue merle males and 1 blue merle female !


14.5.2006 Hamina

Retu: BOB !

Wilma: BOB !


Prefix Jäälinnan was confirmed !


Last one of Retu's offsprings moved to her new home in Czech !

We wish the best of luck to the little ones in their lives !

Thank you Tytti for the opportunity to keep the puppies living with us,

they were a joy for us and "pain in the butt" to their father sometimes ;)

Time with them was very rewarding and instructive ☺


16.4.2006 St. Petersburg, Russia (specialty show)

Retu: BOB & BIS3

Photo: Markku Ukkola

16.4.2006 St. Petersburg Int. Russia


Photo: Svetlana Fedotochkina.

25.2.2006 Moscow Int. Russia



Retu became a father of 7 puppies !

Read more on his offspring page !



Retu celebrated his 3rd birthday !